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What is Reality Based Self Defence or RBSD?
Reality based self defence as a concept has been around for many years. The name applied to the concept was coined by an American self defence instructor called Jim Wagner
The definition of the term Reality-Based as defined by Jim Wagner is:
Training and survival skills based on modern conflict situations that the practitioner is likely to encounter in their environment (their “reality”), in an accordance with the use-of-force continuum of that jurisdiction.
In other words, training designed to equip you with the skills to operate safely in a given place, within the laws of the state or country in which you live. 
Of course there is much more to it than that. The skills required can be quite complex.
A reality based system includes everything from the moment you walk out your door until such time that you return home safe and sound. It teaches many of the techniques found in traditional martial arts and sport based martial arts but includes additional things like environmental awareness, de-escalation techniques, pre-conflict and post conflict training. It will also include scenario training.
                                                                                                                                 Jim Wagner