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Kururunfa is an advanced kata brought back from China. It features Tai Sabaki (evasive maneuvers) and very quick movement.
1st kanji means "a long length of time".
2nd kanji implies a sense of to remain/stay behind/detain, (eg: inviting a friend over for dinner and not wanting him to leave, wanting him to stay longer). Interestingly, a sense of usage of this 2nd kanji can also be seen in a Wing Chun MA saying "lui lao (lao=2nd kanji in Cantonese) hui soong, lut sao jik chung" (ie: "as my opponent comes in, I receive him; as he leaves, I escort him; upon loss of contact, I charge forward") This idea/concept of "lao" is, I believe, a common one in Chinese MA (eg: TaiChi, Mantis), though it may be expressed/interpreted differently.
3rd kanji is translated as "suddenly", or abruptly.
4th kanji, can be "tearing"...the kanji consists of 2 radicals, the left one meaning 'stone' and the right side meaning 'skin' ie implying a sense of destroying, 'tearing' apart, solving a problem, or even a sense of breaking through a defence.

When I see the 4 kanji for "Kururunfa" I see/speculate a kata suggesting a strategy of a "yin" reception to an attack, a sense of "sucking" the attack in, perhaps to invite an over-extension of the attack, and then suddenly and abruptly, with devastating effect, destroy the opponent with your own counter.